Pam Pontious ~ Pamda Bears

My name is Pam Pontious.  I live with my husband and two crazy cats in the beautiful Pacific Northwest corner of the United States.   I have been designing and making bears and other strange critters professionally for over 28 years.  My mother taught me to sew as soon as I could hold a needle.  My favorite projects were stuffed animals.  Attendance at a Seattle Teddy Bear event in 1988 introduced me to the wonders of mohair and other European plush fabrics. 

My characters include bears, chickens, rabbits, fantasy birds and mammals, rats, mice, lions, cats, pandas.  My styles include steampunk, Halloween, Christmas, modern, realistic, and fantasy.  I use high quality imported European mohair and plush fabrics, vintage lap robes, fantasy fabrics, distressed vintage fabrics, etc.  Most of my creations are jointed 5 ways and contain one or more armatures.

Lately I have been working in paper clay for Halloween art and taken classes from Rosemary Frew, Tina Parsons, Christina Zinnia Galliher.

My work has been featured in Teddy Bear Times, Teddy Bear & Friends, local art shows.

Through my artistry I attempt to make people smile.  Hence, my critters don’t take themselves too seriously.  There is always room for laughter.