Kat Mattson ~ Kato Lantern

Hi I'm Kat, the artist behind Katolantern. What can I say Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love the vintage art on the decorations. It's always felt very magical to me. I love to paint and sculpt my interpretations of these wonderful images. I like to use found pieces and rework them into vintage Halloween style treats and treasures.


I also have a passion for vintage costumes as well as taxidermy. I like to sew tiny reproductions of these classics and dress my tiny taxidermy for Halloween! Since taxidermy isn't for everyone, I am also fortunate to have a pottery studio in the family and under the watchful eye of my father have been able to create some clay vintage inspired lanterns that can be used indoors or out. I'm really looking forward to sharing my creations with you! Come check me out at this year's Hallowbaloo.