Franko and Matty handcraft new holiday heirlooms using vintage materials and traditional techniques. Their shared love of the holidays brought them together. Matty explains, "How many people post of a profile pic with Santa Claus on a dating app? When I saw that, I just had to swipe right." They approach Christmas from very different perspectives. Franko reconnects with happy memories of making ornaments his mother and his work evokes gentle, nostalgic themes. Matty didn't grow up with Christmas, so the holiday has an exotic allure for him. His work is influenced by explorations of history, cultural traditions in different parts of the world and current events.


"We like to think of Christmas as timeless, but what it means to people is constantly changing. When my country adopts a policy of separating children from their parents, for example, the story of the Nativity means more to me than ever. From this perspective, a Christmas ornament doesn't have to be merely beautiful, it can be a powerful affirmation that families belong together.


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